• Top 10 Pests

    Here is a list of the top ten pests which can cause either damage to your home or risk harming your health. It lists a number of pests from rodents to ticks and termites to bed bugs. Learn about the harm they can do to you, your family and your home. Read More

    12 years ago

  • Effective Mice Control in the Kitchen

    Some people are able to deter mice with things that mice don't like. For example, peppermint soaked cotton wool and bounce sheets, but does it really solve the problem of mice in your kitchen? Read More

    12 years ago

  • Dealing With Mice Damage in the Vegetable Garden

    Determining which pest is causing the damage to your garden takes a little investigative work. For example, in this garden, it turned out the culprit was a nest of mice. Once you know who or what is causing the damage then you can use the right tools and traps to eradicate the problem. Read More

    12 years ago

  • What To Do If You Find a Bat In Your House

    There is no need to be frightened of bats, they won't harm you. Some bats are an endangered species so deal with them carefully if they are causing a nuisance in your home. Remember they eat a lot of pests like mosquitoes and other unwanted insects. Read More

    12 years ago

  • Using Deer-Resistant Plants As A Way To Combat Deer Nibbling Problems

    If you have a problem with Deer eating plants and shrubs then a good solution is to employ Deer resistant plants. It is a lot easier than building high fences and they look so much nicer as well. Read More

    12 years ago

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