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When you have mice infesting your home, you need the best mouse traps you can get, or you’ll just be chasing after mice forever. Snap traps work well 50% of the time. Humane traps are effective, if you don’t like killing the mice. Our favorite method is the electric mouse trap, which works 97% of the time and disposes of a mouse very fast and extremely efficiently. We like the Victor Electronic Mouse Trap M2524 best of all. It retails at just under $20, which may seem a lot for a mouse trap, but when you see its many features and benefits, I think you’ll agree it’s worth it.

However, everybody has different priorities and to help you make the right choice, we recommend you adopt one of the following strategies:

  1. If you want the most effective system for trapping mice, use a combination of an electronic mouse trap together with snap traps and glue traps.
  2. If you don’t want to kill the mice then use humane traps .
  3. If you want traps for an industrial complex then use multi-traps.
  4. If you are on a budget, just use snap traps and glue traps.
  5. If Hygiene is your greatest concern – i.e. concerned about trapping the mouse and the parasites they carry, together with fluids and odors, then choose a hygienic trap.

If you are not sure if you have a mouse or a rat, then a good first step is to invest in a rodent camera trap so you can positively identify your foe and see what it’s up to.

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What should you look for in a mouse trap?

#1 – Our Top Choice – The Victor M2524 Electronic Trap

#2 – Our Second Choice – The Mice Cube 12 Pack – Reusable Humane Mouse Traps

#3 – Our Third Choice – JT Eaton 428CL Little Pete Extra Narrow Multi Catch Mouse Trap

#4 – Our Fourth Choice – Kness Mfg 102-0-019 Snap-E Mouse Trap

#5 – Our Fifth Choice – The Hygienic Mouse Trap

Before we take a look at the very effective electronic Victor mouse trap, let’s ask an important question…

What should you look for in a mouse trap?

Everyone is different in what they like and don’t like, but here are the main things I wanted to see in a good mouse trap.

  1. Efficiency – it needs to actually catch mice, and catch them regularly.
  2. Doesn’t cause undue suffering – I don’t want the mice to suffer, so either they are killed very fast, or they don’t suffer at all.
  3. Easy and safe to operate – I don’t want to get an electric shock, nor have my fingers almost cut off when trying to set the trap.
  4. Clean and not messy – it needs to be easy to keep clean, so lots of blood and gore from dead mice is out.
  5. Long lasting – I need the mouse trap to last a long time to keep costs down, and to avoid the hassle of constantly having to buy new traps.

#1 – Our Top Choice – The Victor M2524 Electronic Mouse Trap

The thing I like most about this mouse trap is its efficiency. The mice never know what hit them. In less than five seconds they are gone, with no drawn out suffering in between. As soon as a mouse steps on plate in the kill chamber, it’s gone. And the other thing I like is the fact that the mouse will never escape to run off with the bait, as they often do with snap traps. The mouse has to cross the kill chamber to get at the bait, stuck on the far wall, and it can never get that far before the trap is activated.

This trap is so easy to operate. It’s fool proof, really. You just need to make sure it’s switched off, then bait the trap, then switch it on and place it where you can see the most mouse activity. After that you just need to wait for the trap to do what it does best – catch mice.

I hate having to touch a mouse when disposing of it and resetting a trap every time it is activated. That is not the case with this trap, I’m delighted to say. The Victor M2524 can kill up to 100 mice on one set of batteries. You don’t have to touch the animal when emptying and the trap will tell you what’s happening right through the whole process too, from indicating a killed mouse to a low battery. You can see how much it costs by clicking this link Victor M2524 Electronic Mouse Trap (#ad).

Is it the perfect mouse trap? Maybe not, as there are a few niggling things you should know about, but when it comes to building a better mouse trap, Victor have come as close to perfection with this trap as I have ever seen.

What makes the M2524 Victor Mouse Trap so efficient, safe and clean?

The mice are not killed by some physical force, as is the case with snap traps. They are killed by a powerful electric shock, so there is no blood or gore – no mess and no fuss. This makes the bodies much more easy to dispose of. It also makes it much easier to keep the mouse trap clean. This is an important aspect as cleaning blood from an electronic device is not something you would want to do. I find that a gentle wipe down with a damp cloth every so often is all it takes.

I like the design of the trap that makes it impossible for children to poke fingers inside and get a shock. Even if they lift the top lid, they can’t get a shock as the trap will automatically switch off if that happens. This is good for curious children, or pets attracted by the smell of the bait. They may be a nuisance for interfering with the trap, but they won’t get hurt.

This also means that baiting the trap is perfectly safe. I always switch off the trap before opening the top lid, but if I forget for any reason, I know I won’t get zapped either. Setting the bait is also simple. I just put a dab of peanut butter on the back wall of the unit where the mouse can’t get at it without crossing the kill chamber. The mouse will certainly smell it, but it won’t ever reach it.

Victor say this mouse trap is recommended by professional rodent exterminators who are impressed by its 100% efficiency rate. That is certainly praise indeed.

How does the electronic Victor Mouse Trap work?

The mouse trap is battery operated, which means it’s truly portable with no wires or cables to worry about. It uses 4AA batteries, which is a bit unusual. It might have been better if it had used D batteries as they are easier to find and they cost a bit less too.

If the trap is placed against a wall where there is evidence of a lot of mouse activity, the mice will encounter it as they scurry along. Mice dislike open spaces, so they tend to hug walls, which is why the trap should be placed close to a wall. When a mouse finds the trap it will also smell the bait. Peanut butter works well, and if a few small dabs are added to the entrance of the trap, the mouse will be more encouraged to go inside.

The trap has one entrance. The mouse first has to navigate a short tunnel. As the mouse goes down the tunnel, it will step on the first electronic plate, which will sense the mouse’s presence. As it then negotiates around two strategically placed bevels, it has to step on to the next plate in the kill chamber.

At this point, the bait is very close and the mouse is keenly going for it. However, as soon as it steps on to the second plate, it completes a circuit and the trap delivers a massive electric shock to the mouse, killing it almost instantly.

The Victor M2524 Electronic Trap (#ad) will tell you when a mouse has been killed, and also when the collection drawer needs to be emptied. If the batteries are low, it will tell you that too. A green flashing light means a mouse has been killed, a yellow flashing light means the collection drawer is full, and a red flashing light means the batteries are low.

How do you empty and clean the electronic Victor Mouse Trap?

Emptying the trap is easy. You just need to pull out the collection drawer and drop the contents into the garbage bag. You will never have to handle dead mice. You shouldn’t in any case, as these creatures, while looking cute, are actually potentially quite dangerous. The carry fleas and other parasites, which can transmit disease. Never handle dead mice, and always use gloves when emptying the trap.

Cleaning the mouse trap is easy. Follow these six steps for best results:

  1. Always wear gloves when handling the trap to avoid human smells that may deter the mice.
  2. Make sure the unit is switched off first.
  3. Lift the top lid of the unit to get access to the kill chamber, then clean the chamber gently using a damp cloth. Do not use any soap or detergent.
  4. Remove the collection drawer and clean it thoroughly with a damp cloth.
  5. Clean the tunnel and anywhere else the mice have been with a damp cloth.
  6. Wait until the trap is completely dry before re-baiting the trap, and before switching on again.

What are the main features of the Victor M2524 Kill Trap?

  • Here are some of the most important features of this mouse trap.
  • One set of batteries can kill up to 100 mice before you need to replace them.
  • It kills mice in less than five seconds, so no suffering.
  • It is impossible for a mouse to escape.
  • Mice can get into the trap from one access point.
  • It can be used with caution around children and house pets.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It has a system of coloured lights to tell you if mice have been killed, and if the batteries need replacing.

What do customers of the Victor Mouse Trap think of it?

One important feature of the Amazon marketplace is its user feedback. Customers are invited to express their opinions about the product. This can be a great help when deciding whether to buy or not.

The Victor M2524 Electronic Mouse Trap has received some excellent reviews from its customers on Amazon. There are 2759 reviews on Amazon at the time of writing, and they have rated this mouse trap 3.5 stars out of 5 on average. One reviewer even described the trap as, “… the Green Beret of “mousetraps … the kind of toy/gadget/device that men like – powerful, sturdy, electronic, and mean.”

Customers liked these great features:

  • Just put some bait in the top and the rest is automatic.
  • It will attract the mouse, entrap it, zap it and neatly deposit it into its own “dead mouse holding cell”.
  • It zaps one after another and keeps the messiness contained and out of sight.
  • It’s nice to have them in a nice clean tray instead of guts hanging out on a wooden trap …
  • … very easy to set up and (thankfully) very easy clean once a mouse gets in.
  • You can dump the dead mice in the trash or toilet without even having to touch them at all.

A few customers mentioned these negative points as well:

  • The only instructions for the device’s operation are on the packaging box. a manual would be useful, but wouldn’t improve its effectiveness. To be fair, the only instructions needed are those on the packaging box. There isn’t much you need to understand, really.
  • You would think an indoor only device would have an AC option as well vs., using only batteries. The whole idea of using batteries is to have the unit portable. Also, when a unit is connected to a power supply, it is restricted in where it can be placed.
  • AA batteries. Yet another size to inventory. No AC adapter jack. This is not really a problem, unless of course, you make it one.
  • The only improvement would be a removable bait tray so I could clean it when the bait gets a bit rancid. This would indeed be a useful feature, but I don’t find the trap especially difficult to clean as it is, to be honest.

A quick summary of the Victor M2524 Kill Trap

This is an electronic mouse trap. It works by luring a mouse through a short tunnel that leads to a chamber where it gets electrocuted when it steps on a plate to complete a circuit. It is battery operated, and the batteries are not included. When a mouse has been killed, you are notified by a flashing light.

The unit has a green flashing light to tell you a mouse has been killed, and a red flashing light to tell you the batteries are low in power and they need to be replaced.


  • It has a 97% kill rate – snap traps and glue traps have about a 50% kill rate.
  • Large enough to capture both rats and mice.
  • Easy to use – put the batteries in, switch on, bait and place it on a mouse runway.
  • Easy to bait.
  • Humane – mice don’t suffer because they’re killed very quickly.
  • Flashing light – alerts you to when it needs emptying.
  • Hygienic – You don’t touch the mouse when emptying.
  • Mouse not visible – if you are a little squeamish, don’t worry you can’t see the dead mouse.
  • No chemicals or poisons.
  • Reusable time and time again.
  • Long battery life – up to 100 kills.


  • It is more expensive than other traps.
  • It requires batteries and you can’t plug it into the mains.

Where can you buy the Victor M2524 Electronic Mouse Trap?

We recommend you buy the Victor M2524 at Amazon (#ad). They are usually extremely competitive in pricing, and their returns policy is legendary. Amazon is one of the best known and most respected retailers online. You can read customer reviews about the M2524 electronic mouse trap, and about Amazon’s super-saver shipping means you can have the trap shipped to your door free of charge.

#2 – Our Second Choice – The Mice Cube 12 Pack – Reusable Humane Mouse Trap

This is a completely different kind of mouse trap. The Mice Cube works by trapping the mouse alive so it can be released again, back into the wild somewhere, preferably far from your home. The mouse is not harmed in any way, and it lives to face a mouse trap another day, just preferably not yours.

Mice Cube Mouse Traps are a bit of a misnomer. They are not actually cubes at all, but rather a long-shaped plastic box section design, measuring 2 inches by 2 inches by 5.75 inches. The front of the trap has a swinging door that doesn’t hang fully perpendicular, but comes up against stops before it can. In this way the door can be opened from the outside of the trap, but not from the inside, once a mouse goes inside.

The free swinging door has little holes in it to allow the smell of the mouse bait to drift through. The bait can be a small lump of peanut butter, place at the back of the trap. Once inside the trap the mouse cannot simply escape. It will be trapped until you release it.


  • Humane – the mouse is not harmed.
  • You don’t have to “set” the traps with dangerous springs to worry about.
  • You don’t have a large expense.
  • You can use the Mice Cube traps many times.
  • You can place the traps in small spaces where mice like to go.


  • You have to relocate mice 3 miles away from your home. You can’t release mice just anywhere you like because you will be passing the problem on to someone else. Contact your local authority to learn where you are allowed to release the mice you’ve trapped.
  • Tricky to clean and replace bait.

The Mice Cube 12 Pack on Amazon

You can buy The Mice Cube on Amazon, and we recommend shopping there, as they have very competitive prices, and they are completely trustworthy. Also, you can read up on the many user-generated reviews. Click the link to get prices and read more about this unique Mice Cube 12 Pack trap (#ad).

#3 – Our Third Choice – JT Eaton 428CL Little Pete Extra Narrow Multi Catch Mouse Trap

An alternative to the Mice Cube is the “multiple mouse trap”. These are also known as curiosity or repeater traps. They are designed to capture up to 10 mice without harming them.

These types of traps are commonly used in commercial premises like warehouses, food producers/suppliers, manufacturing and pharmaceutical plants. They are also popular with people who have chicken runs or outbuildings. The most effective method for deploying these type of traps are to place them every 20-40 feet (6-12 meters) around the outside & inside of the building’s wall and near the entrance and exit doors. Most people will check these traps weekly. Once trapped, the mice die of cold or starvation. If you want to use them as a humane trap, then check them daily and add some food as in the photo.


  • They don’t need baiting. A mouse’s curiosity attracts and makes them want to enter. Although a smudge of peanut butter at the entrance will make it even more attractive for mice to enter.
  • Low profile – will fit under racking, pallets or in roof spaces where you have a suspended ceiling.
  • Trapped mice will attract other mice because they follow each other’s scent.


  • When exposed to the weather they will rust and become less attractive to mice.
  • Trapped mice may eat each other, if starved of food.
  • Not that easy to clean.

The other benefit with this type of trap is that they are relatively inexpensive. You can check prices on Amazon by clicking here (#ad).

#4 – Our Fourth Choice – Kness Mfg 102-0-019 Snap-E Mouse Trap

Kness claims that its Snap-E Mouse Trap is a “better mouse trap.” They don’t elaborate on exactly what it is better than, but presumably they mean it is better than the standard traditional snap traps. In this respect they would seem to be right. The Kness Mfg 102-0-019 Snap-E Mouse Trap does what a traditional snap trap does, but it has been tweaked to do it better, faster and more efficiently.

This snap trap is made of a highly durable and strong polystyrene and steel construction. It has an easy and safe setting that helps to avoid fingers getting caught accidentally, and it is more likely to catch a mouse as the large trip paddle covers a larger catchment area. The bar has less distance to travel, and it is more sensitive to movement. Unlike traditional snap traps that use wood, these traps resist lingering odors and they are easier to clean after use. The design also allows the disposable of a dead mouse in such a way that your fingers never touch it.


  • You can bait it easily and safely.
  • You can set it easily and safely.
  • Kills the mouse quickly
  • You can dispose of the dead mouse without touching it.


  • Its effectiveness starts to decline after a few uses but is probably cheap enough to replace with a new one after each catch.
  • It’s a little awkward to clean and replace bait.

The Snap-E Mouse Trap on Amazon

This model is below the level for free shipping on Amazon if you only buy one. However, if you were to buy 5, for example, you would get free shipping. Furthermore, there are plenty of good reviews about the Kness Snap-E mouse trap (#ad) on Amazon, and is one of the most popular of the snap type Mouse traps.

#5 – Our Fifth Choice – The Tomcat Kill and Contain Mouse Trap, 2-Pack

A “hygienic mouse trap” is another name for a “single use disposable trap”. Once a mouse is trapped, all you have to do is put the whole unit in the trash bin.

This “kill and contain” trap is designed to be simple to use, safe around pets & children and you don’t have to see or touch the mouse.

Key Features of the Tomcat Kill and Contain Mouse Trap

  • Fits into small spaces.
  • Very simple to bait and set.
  • Price-wise it’s mid-range.


  • Hygienic & no mess – with this type of trap, the mouse, parasites, fluids and odors are contained.
  • No see, no touch – you don’t see the trapped mouse, and you don’t come into direct contact with it. Therefore, you are better protected from the diseases and parasites mice carry.
  • Simple to bait and set.


  • Only one use.
  • More expensive than a traditional trap.
  • Limiting yourself to one type of trap generally means it will take longer to catch all the mice in your home.

Tomcat always provides very good and clear instructions on usage and placement of their traps and this unit is sold and delivered by Amazon so you know it is going to be delivered promptly and without any fuss. Click here to read the full spec and prices (#ad).


Mark has a strong background in Engineering and a huge interest in Pest Control as a way of getting rid of rodents and other unwanted pests who can cause a nuisance in your home and garden. You can subscribe to his free daily paper on Pest Control Solutions and follow him on Facebook or Twitter

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  • Just kill the critters with an old fashion snap trap, and be done with it. Why are you concerned about a dirty little rodent?

  • I caught a mouse using a paper towel roll partially off the edge of a table with a little goat cheese in it, directly below it is a large garbage pail. However I made the mistake of releasing the mouse in the yard outside of the house. I either have the same mouse or a new one. I am hoping the same trap works and this time I will drive it out to a field somewhere.

    • It sounds like you need to check your home to find out where the mice are getting in and fill those holes with chicken wire and caulk.


  • I rigged a car camera and and left the lights on in the little storage room where the mice hang out.
    The next day i was able to watch their activities on my computer. Quite interesting watching a couple of little rascals as they milled around the trap. The trapdoor was open and a mouse was inside his tail sticking out, he came out after a bit then the trapdoor closed and after trying to open it again he left. Later on there were two of them, after checking out the closed trap door they looked down towards a small aquarium i had set up below with a thin piece of cardboard baited with peanut butter. I figured they might jump or crawl onto the cardboard and fall into the aquarium but no they are too smart for that. Well, in the end i decided that it's not a good idea to have mice running around my basement so i reasoned that if they won't let me catch them alive they'll have to do it the hard way. I felt i gave them more than enough chances. So with that i went out a bought some of the old fashioned smack traps. I placed two of them and caught one mouse, the next night two more and that seems to be the end of it for now at least.
    I hate to kill the little beggars, after all they are just trying to make a living for themselves just like the rest of us.

  • When mice are smarter than men.
    I purchased a couple of the plastic "humane" traps that traps the mice without killing them.
    The mice are smarter than we give them credit for. I've caught maybe two in the last 3 or 4 years.
    Meanwhile I've killed several in the snap traps. So it's not that we don't have mice.
    Just how smart are they? Well, after trapping the first few live ones they got wise and are now working as a team it seems. I guess one mouse gets caught inside the trap a second mouse appears, rather than help the other one get out its more likely he want to get at the bait as well and starts gnawing at the trapdoor which he's able to open after rolling the trap on its side, this has happened twice. I'm going to get these little buggers I thought. So I fixed a wooden skewer stick transverse to the underside of the trap with a strip of masking tape, now they certainly can't roll the trap sideways. On Christmas morning I went down to check the trap and guess what, the little buggers had flipped the trap end over end but the door was closed. Oh wow I thought there's got to be a mouse in there this time, Hah. no mouse but the lump of peanut butter was gone and replaced with a huge pile of mouse crap. I have a feeling that when the second mouse is chewing on the door as he has done all the way around, he may accidentally have stepped on the little pawl that keeps the door shut.
    This time I placed a rubber band around the trap and under the pawl in order to prevent it from being pushed in and thus releasing the door. Hey, jut got another idea, The trap is sitting on a shelf made with boards and spaces in between. I'm going to run a rubber band round the skewer stick and under the board up the other side to the other end of the skewer stick. Let's see if they can figure this one out. Ha ha ha.

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