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This website is updated and maintained by Simon Mann. Simon is a retired chippy (carpenter). He spent his working life building houses. He started work as an apprentice carpenter, then became a foreman and retired as a director of a building company and has been involved in building 100’s of residential properties. Anybody who worked with Simon will tell you two things about him; one, he only carried out, and expected from his work force, top quality work. The second thing is, if ever there was a problem, Simon will find a solution to it.

In his retirement, he likes to keep busy. He’s had a number of encounters with rodents and other animals making a nuisance of themselves and therefore, feels well qualified to answering people’s questions and writing articles about pest control. This site is packed with facts, insights and solutions. It does make a small profit via Amazon affiliate links. These can be found in the product review pages and on adverts in some sidebars but apart from that you will be pleased to know that there are no other adverts.

Simon gets many of his topic ideas for articles from readers’ questions, so he is always pleased to hear from our visitors.

If you have a question then, please ask it in the comment’s section below a relevant article or if there are no related articles, then you can ask Simon via the Contact page.

We hope you enjoy our website and find it useful.

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