The Top Three Squirrel Repellents & Traps for Indoor and Outdoor Use


Preventing squirrels from invading your loft or roof space, or outside in the garden, can be made a lot easier using an electronic squirrel repellent. Fending off squirrels is not easy. They are resourceful creatures and quite intelligent. They seem to love solving puzzles and will find all kinds of ingenious ways of getting to a bird feeder, for example.

Our favorite bit of kit is the T3-R Triple High Impact Mice, Rat and Rodent Repeller unit. You can pick it up for under $50 if you shop around. Now, that may seem a lot to fork out, just to ward off squirrels and rodents, but this device will work for a long time, keeping away the next generation of squirrels, then the generation after that, and so on.

The T3-R Triple High Impact Squirrel Repeller is backed by more than fifteen years of testing and perfecting by the company. It’s more powerful than its competitors, which means it can cover a greater area – 6,000 square feet, in fact. Ultrasonic sound is emitted from three different speakers, each one doing a specific job.

They call it the Triple Attack Design, and if you have squirrels living happily in your loft or roof space, they won’t be so happy once you switch the TR-3 on. You won’t hear a thing, but the squirrel will hear something akin to a jackhammer clattering continuously next to its ear.

You may feel, however, that $50 is too much for even the best repellent. That’s why we have reviewed three other products designed to do essentially the same thing. One is a less expensive ultrasonic repeller model that will chase away the animal unhurt, another is a weather-resistant spray that the animals find repulsive, and the third is a motion-activated, chemical-free device that directs a sudden blast of harmless water at the unsuspecting animal to scare it away. We haven’t provided as much detail in these other three reviews as we have in the main one, but we feel it will still help you to make the buying decision that is right for you.

Note: We have also provided a Table of Contents below. Click on any of the headings to be taken straight there.

Table of Contents

What should you look for in a deterrent?

#1 – Our Top Choice – The T3-R Triple High Impact Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent

#2 – Our Second Choice – Havahart 1030 Live Animal Two-Door Squirrel Trap

#3 – Our Third Choice – The Pest Offense Electronic Repellent

Below are our Top Three Outdoor Squirrel Repellents

#1 – Our Top Outdoor Choice – The Yard Sentinel, Electronic Pest Repeller

#2 – Our Second Outdoor Choice – Havahart Deer Off – Deer, Rabbit, and Squirrel Repellent

#3 – Our Third Outdoor Choice – The Orbit Motion Activated Animal Repellent

What should you look for in an ultrasonic deterrent?

You may have a different view on the matter, but these are the main points I looked for when I shopped for a repellent:

  1. A long range – it needs to be able to repel animals quite far away, as well as those close to the unit.
  2. Power – it needs to have plenty of power to be able to blast out its ultrasound message.
  3. Silence – it needs to be silent for me, but screaming something really irritable for the squirrels.
  4. A long AC cord – I don’t want to have to resort to using an extension cable in order to place it where I need it.
  5. The right size – it needs to be large enough to keep squirrels at bay, but small enough to fit into  small awkward places.

#1 – Our Top Choice – The T3-R Ultrasonic Unit

The main thing I like about this product is the fact that the squirrels are not harmed in any way. They may have to suffer some discomfort with the noise, which I understand sounds to them like a jackhammer blasting away next to their ears, but they know to quickly move away to somewhere quieter. Hopefully, that will be somewhere that is not in my house.

The squirrels come into my attic, loft or roof space because there are spaces and gaps that let them get in. I really need to fix that! In the meantime, however, they come in to the house because it is warm and it’s a good place to make a nest and raise a family – from their point of view. They may also have discovered a food source too, so you can’t really blame them for taking up residence. You would too if you were a squirrel.

Removing squirrels from a home is not easy. You can lay down poison, but that is revolting. The creatures suffer before they die, and your family pet, or worse still – your child – may get mixed up with the poison, with disastrous results. You could set traps, and humane traps work well, but simply introducing a device that squirrels can’t stand the sound of, but you and your pets can’t hear, is even better!

That’s what the T3-R Ultrasonic Squirrel Repellent (#ad) does. It simply drives the squirrels – and mice, and rats, and whatever else you have lurking around the house – away. These creatures prefer a bit of peace and quiet, by and large. They don’t like living on what sounds to them like a building site, so they simply move away unharmed, probably to annoy your unsuspecting neighbor …

What makes the TR-3 so effective?

In a word, power. The TR-3 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller can effectively cover an area of around 6,000 square feet. To get an idea of exactly how much that is, it’s over 20 generous sized rooms of 12 feet by 12 feet each. That’s a lot of space, so you see, the TR-3 doesn’t have to be close to the squirrel to repulse them. They can be relatively far away and still be repelled by this product.

The transducer of this repellent broadcasts ultrasound in the 23 to 55 kHz range. Other sonic products may also use this range, but they tend to lack power. There are often preposterous claims, but the TR-3 with its three speakers, each broadcasting sound that repels in different ways, offers what the manufacturer calls, Triple Attack Power. The success rate is very high. That’s what makes all the difference.

Its efficiency is even more enhanced when you consider you don’t have to clean up after it. There are no dead bodies to dispose of, no blood and gore, no deadly poison with its inherent risk – and no squirrels either! It’s simply a case of place it where you think it will be most effective, switch it on, and leave it to drive the squirrels away. It couldn’t be easier or cleaner.

How does the TR-3 work?

The idea behind this product is simple and very effective. You see, we humans can only hear things within a certain range. Other animals can often hear thing outside of that range, which means they can hear things we can’t. Takes dogs, for example. Most people know that ultrasonic dog whistles work because the dog hears it just fine, but we humans do not. It seems the dog is reacting to nothing at all, but he can hear a high-pitched whistle that we can’t.

This is how the TR-3 works. It produces a sound in the 23 to 55 kHz range from three different speakers, each one doing a specific repelling job that is extremely irritating to the animals that can hear it. It has been likened to a jackhammer thumping and clattering right next to your ear – constantly with no let up.

No wonder then that creatures like rats, mice, and of course, squirrels, hate the sound. They can’t stand it, which is why they move away. They want an easy life, after all, and putting up with a clattering jackhammer all day and all night is not their idea of the good life. That’s good news for us humans though, who would rather live without squirrels in the attic.

I should add that the range used by this Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is a range designed to be heard most strongly by rodents in particular. If you have pets, a cat or dog, they will not be affected by the sound. It would rather defeat the purpose if your dog or cat left with the squirrels, wouldn’t it?

The other good thing about ultrasound is, although it’s there, but you can’t hear it, it has no ill effects on you. It doesn’t have a long-term dangerous effect, it doesn’t make you nauseated, it won’t give you a headache, or cause cancer – in short, it’s perfectly harmless. This means the TR-3 is completely safe to use, even if you have a baby in the house. You won’t hear it, but you will get shot of squirrels when you use it, just like I did.

Is there any maintenance associated with the TR-3?

To be honest, no. The device is smaller than most people expect it to be. This is a good thing as it means it will fit into small spaces where squirrels may be. It measures 4 inches tall, by 4 inches wide, by 4 inches deep. It looks a bit like a small futuristic loudspeaker system, which I suppose it is in a way.

You can clean the housing with a damp cloth if you like, but you don’t have to. You can even polish it a bit if you want, but it isn’t really necessary. It’s an electronic device, so treat it in much the same way as you would treat any other electronic device. Don’t leave it out in the rain, or in direct strong sunlight, for example, but other than that, the TR-3 pretty much looks after itself.

What are the main features of the TR-3?

These are a few of the main features:

  • It is designed to get rid of pests such as rats, mice, bats and squirrels in particular.
  • Its small size makes it unobtrusive and ideal for practically any room of the house, as well as a garage, shed, office, basement, etc.
  • It is very powerful, up to 60 times more powerful that competing products.
  • It can effectively cover an area of up to 6,000 square feet.
  • It is safe to use where you have non-rodent pets.
  • It has no batteries to replace.
  • It uses a standard AC plug outlet, and it comes with a 6 foot cord, making an extension lead unnecessary in most cases.

What do customers think of the TR-3?

User feedback is very important to anyone thinking of buying any product. The reviews provided by ordinary people who have already bought the product are invaluable when it comes to making a buying decision. The TR-3 Squirrel Repellent (#ad) has a number of customer reviews, especially on Amazon, and by and large, their opinions of the product are positive.

There are 558 customer reviews on Amazon, at the time of writing, and they have voted the TR-3 Ultrasonic Squirrel Repeller 4.2 stars out of 5 stars on average. One customer was obviously pleased with his purchase when he wrote, “It forces the critters to run away … buy this for the attic, it WORKS!”

Customers of the TR-3 liked these features:

  • Uses about 20W of power which is much less than a light bulb.
  • It has a reasonably long AC power cord too, so you’ll likely not need an extension cord.
  • It is well worth it, especially considering the 6000 sq. ft. coverage.
  • The unit is practically silent. You can faintly hear a very light clicking, but in my attic, it’s all but forgotten.
  • No more messy traps.
  • I really credit this repeller as salvaging an otherwise great apartment.
  • In most cases rodents leave with-in a 12 – 16 day period.
  • I’m glad that we didn’t have to use any chemicals or traps to get rid of the rodents.

There were a few negative points you should be aware of too:

  • This is one of the most expensive units in the category. Yes, but in my opinion, that merely reflects the quality and effectiveness of this product.
  • Did not work for NYC squirrels. They started to build a new nest on a tree about 10 feet away from the device. The TR-3 has been extensively tested in the field, and it certainly does work. It is more than likely that the particular model the customer was referring to was faulty in some way.
  • I will have to give it more time to know for sure. I take this to mean it is working.
  • Find rat droppings within 1 foot of the unit. Again, this customer should have tested for faults first, and not assumed that the product doesn’t work.
  • Doesn’t seem to stand the test of time. Once again I strongly suspect that the unit in question is not realizing its full potential. I would suggest this customer to use the warranty.

A quick summary of the TR-3

It is a small electronic device that emits three slightly different ultrasonic signals from three speakers in a range that squirrels find intensely irritating. The sound can’t be heard by most household non-rodent pets, or humans. The sound has been described as sounding like a jackhammer clattering constantly alongside your ear. This is why it is very effective at driving squirrels and other rodents out of a house.

The unit is not exactly cheap, but not too expensive either to purchase, but it typically has a very long life as it has no moving parts to wear out. In addition, it covers a very large area, around 6,000 square feet, which is enough to cover most houses. The TR-3 Ultrasonic Squirrel Repeller is also more powerful and versatile than similar competing products, and has been tested to be more powerful.

Where can you buy the TR-3?

The device is available from many retailers, both offline and online. However, we recommend you purchase the TR-3 Ultrasonic Unit at Amazon (#ad). This is a highly respected and trusted company who have been trading online since the summer of 1996. Their prices are usually among the most competitive you will find. They also have one of the best returns policies, which is handy should you need to return the product for any reason. Their super-saver shipping policy means that the TR-3 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller will qualify for free shipping, straight to your door. You can also read many customers reviews.

#2 – Our Second Choice – Havahart 1030 Live Animal Two-Door Squirrel Cage Trap

Havahart Squirrel Trap – used for trapping and releasing

The Havahart 1030 Trap is a humane trap for squirrels. It is also suitable for the likes of skunks, mink, rabbits and squirrels. This is a two-door model, which means it can accept entry by an animal from either end. The cage is 24 inches long, by 7 inches wide and 7 inches deep. It is made from steel reinforced wire mesh that has been galvanized and made rust resistant.

The cage trap has been designed so it has no sharp edges on the inside. This is to prevent any animal injuring itself should it become agitated as a result of being trapped. The carrying handle is designed so that the trapped animal can be carried safely, without a risk of it causing you any harm.

The Havahart 1030 Features

The Havahart 1030 works by allowing an animal to enter the trap from either end to get at the bait. It will activate the trigger, which will instantly close the doors at both ends, preventing the animal from escaping again.

  • The cage trap is humane; it will not harm the animal it traps.
  • You can release the animal unharmed somewhere far from your home.
  • The cage is very strong and will last a long time.
  • It can be reused many times over.

Where can you buy the Havahart 1030 Trap

You can buy the Havahart 1030 Live Animal Two-Door Squirrel Cage Trap at Amazon (#ad). We recommend you shop there to take advantage of their highly competitive prices, and their super-saver shipping, which with this product is free. There are also plenty of good customer reviews to help you make your decision.

Protect Yourself when Handling Wild Squirrels

Be very careful when handling cages with a wild squirrel inside because they can give you a nasty bite. Protect yourself with some  sturdy gloves. You can get these gloves on Amazon (#ad) as well.

#3 – Our Third Choice – The Pest Offense Electronic Repellent

The Pest Offense Original Electronic Repellent is an innovative device that plugs into any mains AC outlet. It then sends pulsed signals through the standard house wiring that rodents and insects find highly irritating, causing them to leave your premises.

The device is safe for household pets, but not advised if you keep the likes of hamsters, gerbils or exotic spiders, for example. The irritating pulsed signals are randomly changed so that the creatures do no get used to it, and end up ignoring it all together.

1. Harmless to all living creatures.

2. Can’t be heard by humans and most household pets.

3. Inexpensive to purchase.

4. An indicator light confirms proper working.

5. Built in surge protector.

6. Can be plugged in anywhere there is an AC outlet.

7. Utilizes the standard house wiring for effect.

Here you can buy the Pest Offense electronic repellent

You can purchase the Pest Offense Electronic Repellent (#ad) at many retail store, both offline and online. We recommend Amazon for their competitive pricing structure and excellent service. Unfortunately, this product does not qualify on its own for Amazon’s super-saver free shipping, but if you include other items with your purchase, it may. This repeller also has many good customer reviews on Amazon.

Best Squirrel Repellents for Outdoor Use

We’ve found that it’s usually best to use a combination of methods for deterring unwanted animals from your yard. Therefore, you may wish to consider using two or all three of the following repellents:

#1 – Our Top Outdoor Choice – The Yard Sentinel, Electronic Pest Repeller

The Yard Sentinel has three selection technologies of motion sensor, constant operation and continuous sweep. It also has two repelling technologies of ultrasonic transmission or intruder alarm, which means this unit can be used as a burglar alarm, as well as a squirrel repellent.

  • There are two operation time selectors designed to save energy, of either All Day, or Day & Night. It can operate from AC mains power, or from a 6 volt or 12 volt battery.
  • Uses ultrasonic sound to humanely and harmlessly get rid of squirrels and pests.
  • Covers a range of up to 5,000 square feet.
  • No toxic chemicals to cause creature suffering.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Works against a wide range of animals and pests.

Best place to buy the Yard Sentinel

You can buy the Yard Sentinel at a number of outlet stores, both online and offline, but we recommend purchasing from Amazon (#ad), a trusted retailer with excellent service and competitive prices. The Yard Sentinel does not attract Amazon’s super-saver free shipping on its own, but it nearly does, so purchasing another inexpensive item along with the Yard Sentinel will take it over the threshold and save you money.

#2 – Our Second Outdoor Choice – Havahart Deer Off – Deer, Rabbit, and Squirrel Repellent

The Havahart Deer Off spray targets a range of animals through an unpleasant smell and taste, both of which are harmless to the animals.

The spray can be directed at plants, trees, flowers and shrubs to prevent animals eating them.

The Havahart Deer Off spray leaves no residue or film on plants or flowers and lasts for up to 90 days. The spray is rain-resistant too and leaves no color change either.

  • Contains putrescent eggs solids at 0.78%, garlic and capsaicin.
  • Smells of putrescent eggs and garlic.
  • Has an unpleasant hot pepper taste, making plants inedible to animals.
  • Safe for all animals and humans.

Where to buy Havahart Deer Off

You can buy Havahart Deer Off at many store outlets, both online and offline. However, we recommend purchasing from Amazon (#ad), a trusted retailer since 1996 that has great customer service and very competitive pricing. Havahart Deer Off does not qualify for Amazon’s super-saver free shipping on its own, unfortunately.

#3 – Our Third Outdoor Choice – The Orbit Motion Activated Animal Repellent

The Orbit Motion Activated Animal Repellent device is extremely effective on a wide range of animals and pests. It works by detecting motion, which activates a sudden jet of harmless water in the direction of the motion. This startles the animal, causing it to take flight.

Apart from being a bit scared and upset by the experience, the animal will not suffer and long-term ill effects. Furthermore, the animal will be less likely to return to the area, remembering the unpleasant experience and not wishing for a repeat.

  • Uses no harmful chemicals.
  • Uses just three cups of water per blast.
  • Multiple Orbits can be linked together to protect large areas.
  • Covers an area of up to 1,200 square feet.

Where can you buy the Orbit Motion Activated Animal Repellent?

You can buy the Orbit at many retail outlet sources, both online and offline. We recommend that you choose Amazon for your purchase of the Orbit Motion Activated Animal Repellent (#ad). The advantages of doing so include excellent customer service, highly competitive prices and this product qualifies for Amazon’s super-saver free shipping too.


Mark has a strong background in Engineering and a huge interest in Pest Control as a way of getting rid of rodents and other unwanted pests who can cause a nuisance in your home and garden. You can subscribe to his free daily paper on Pest Control Solutions and follow him on Facebook or Twitter

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  • I know that squirrels have gotten underneath my porch roof. I see them and hear them scratching when I go outside. We need a new roof, badly, but I live with my elderly mother and we don't have the money right now.
    However, I am praying and hoping they don't get into the house. If they want to stay on the porch roof, I don't mind until we have the money to get a new roof.
    But my question is, will they stay on the porch roof or try to move into the house, in your opinion? I've read of house fires starting because they chewed electrical wires. And probably our house insurance wouldn't even cover it.
    I'm really stressing especially right now with this Corona Virus going around.
    Finally, my question is, should I get a pest repeller and plug it into the outdoor porch receptacle? Would it repel them from the porch roof? But if it does, would they more likely go inside my house? Would I be doing more harm than good? Should I place them inside my house instead? Also I have an African Gray parrot, a hermit crab, and a cat. Would this affect them at all? Or would it bother birds and other animals outside because I feed the birds.
    Please let me know the best actions to take. Thank you for everything.

    • The electronic repeller will not pass through solid objects so it probably won't be much use in your porch roof. Squirrels are very easy to trap. I would get a cage trap, bait it and set it near where the squirrels are operating.

  • Does the electronic squirrel repellant also repell birds. I want the birds and feeders and no squirrels

    • Yes it may affect birds but you will only be using it until the squirrels have moved on. Your next best solution is to trap and relocate the squirrels. They are very easy to trap.

  • What type of squirrels are those that visit or seek shelter in attics? I know the California Ground Squirrels. They nest or borrow under ground and they forage on grass. But the ones I see on streets (city trees). Those must be tree squirrels? Since I see them running around tree branches, power and phone lines.
    how can people stop that before they venture into our attics? Is it illegal to bait for those types of squirrels or to trap and euthanize them after? I live in Southern California.

    • Tree squirrels will enter your loft via tree branches which are close to your house, so best thing to do is get these cut back. They can also enter your loft space via power or telephone lines. You can put barriers on these lines as well. With regards to your question about killing squirrels in California, I suggest you contact the California Department of Fish and Game for a definitive answer.

  • GREAT list of ideas! I tried human urine but we must not qualify as predators (that's kind of insulting).

    Our yard was barren of trees when we bought the house. We had 3 trees planted, 2 which interlace in the front yard and one stand alone in back.
    Both areas have bird feeders which Squirrels raid. I'm unsure how many Yard Sentinels I'll need.
    I would really appreciate your suggestion about that.

  • My new neighbors have squirrels in the attic and purchased two devices, one is ultrasonic and the other emits a clear, high, loud, audible beeping that can be heard nearly a quarter of a mile. One beep every 30 seconds. Are there any of these devices which you can tune to be audible to humans? We have pleaded with them to turn it off and they refuse even though it clearly violates my county's noise ordinance which I gave them a copy of. Next step, file a noise complaint with the police but I was really hoping not to have to do that. Suggestions?

    • Marty,

      You could tell them that the audible beeping doesn't work for squirrels, and humans can't hear the ultrasonic units. Hearing an audible beep every 30 seconds will drive most people mad, and they are being anti-social for doing it. If they don't turn it off, then file a noise complaint, you can do it anonymously.


  • My house has picture windows facing a lake. Several squirrels play continuously just outside the window, and climb up and down a small tree. This drives my dog crazy, she jumps a the window and scratches. What can I do to encourage the squirrels to go away from this area -- only 30' by 20' along the side of the house. If sonic, it should not bother my dog (just on the other side of the window). I got rid of some chipmunks who had burrowed under a slab just outside the widow by dousing the burrows with cayenne pepper, but the squirrels have me stumped.

    • I think the first thing to do is to get an outdoor sonic repellent. You can read about the best outdoor unit in this review. Place it so it is facing the squirrels and made sure there are no obstructions in front of it.

  • I have flying squirrels living in the eaves of my home- they seem to be nocturnal critters and have several entry points given it is a log home. It appears they can get all the way around the home via the eaves so I am not sure how effective the electronic method would be. Any suggestions?

    • Richie

      I agree with you about the electronic method. The next best idea is to use cage traps. Squirrels are quite easy to catch.


      • I also have a log home with cathedral ceiling and loft in back, I can't sleep at night with them running all over the ceiling above the bedroom...why wouldn't electronic item work?

        • An electronic unit might work but remember ultrasonic can't pass through solid objects. It's all about where you place the units and if you are trying to cover the whole roof space, you made need 2 or 3 of them.

  • We have ground Squirrels on a hill right next to our house and they have taken over were not even sure how many there are what would you recommend?

    • Hi Brian,

      Assuming it is legal where you live, I would recommend trapping and releasing them a long way from your home.


  • “You could set traps, and humane traps work well, but simply introducing a device that squirrels can’t stand the sound of, but you and your pets can’t hear, is even better!”

    How can there be a device which "squirrels" can't stand the sound of but your pets can't hear? Almost every single animal that you could own would hear sound in those ranges, whether it's a dog or a couple of guinea pigs.

    • Hi David,

      The first thing to suggest is check the sound range of your pet because different animals have different sound ranges.

      Furthermore, bear in mind that you will only use the device to get rid of squirrels, so when they are gone you can store the device away untill you need it again. You will be pointing the device at the place where the squirrels are so any animals behind the device won't hear it and unltrasonic sound doesn't pass through solid objects.

      In summary then, some animals who can here that frequency will also be repelled but only for a short time.


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