Top 10 Pests


Animals which are a pest range from tiny termites to large rodents. Some of the hardest pests to remove are the tiny ones such as insects. Nevertheless, size does not matter. These invaders can spread disease, damage your home, and destroy your peace of mind. A good number of these are beneficial insects. Some are garden pests that do things such as eat the leaves off your plants, flowers and trees. However, some insect pests can destroy the sanctity of your home.

Depending on where you live, there are variations in breeds. These top 10 pests are universal. Alphabetically they are:


A couple of the most common ant invaders are the Argentine ant, which is very hard to eradicate, and the odorous house ant, which reeks of rotten coconuts. They will move their entire colony into your home and make your life miserable. Your only hope of getting rid of them is to find their colony and remove their queen. The odorous ant is particularly nasty as it often has many queens and therefore many colonies.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have been in the news a great deal because they are spreading at an alarming rate. They bite. They crawl into your bed and they are full of human disease producing germs.


Bees are actually a well-liked insect outdoors. However, when they build a hive in your rafters, they become a pest. For some people bee stings can be very harmful and even fatal. If they are in your walls, they may consider you a threat and swarm you.


Cockroaches are filthy and almost impossible to eradicate without drastic measures. They can infest your home and hide in cracks. Unless you have heard their skittering noise or found half a dozen in your coffee cup in the morning, you have no idea how disconcerting they are. Cockroaches carry germs and breed at an amazingly high rate.


Fleas suck your blood. They lurk in your home and are almost impossible to see but they can infest your entire home and your life. Their bites itch and they carry diseases ranging from typhus to tapeworms.


Flies carry even more diseases than bed bugs, including typhoid and polio. They love to nest in feces and then track the fecal matter to food.

Fruit Flies

The fruit fly is a nuisance more than anything else as they exist in clouds hovering around your kitchen. These insects however can spread bacteria. After all, they love rotting fruit and vegetables.


Some rodents are cute and some are disgusting in appearance. Mice fit the former description and rats, the latter. They nibble on your furniture, leave fecal droppings on your kitchen counter, and carry diseases. If the population gets high enough, they can even attack you in your own home.


Termites won’t make you physically sick but they can destroy your entire house. Some termite colonies contain millions of termites. Their primary food of choice is wood and a million of them can devour a building from the inside out. Subterranean termite colonies can live 20 feet under a building.


Ticks are another disease carrier and one of the most frustrating of their diseases that they spread is Lyme disease but they can spread encephalitis and typhus as well. You cannot starve them out because they can live for more than a year without food.


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