Using Deer-Resistant Plants As A Way To Combat Deer Nibbling Problems


Deer will nibble away at plants they find tasty, and nothing will change that. So, rather than erecting ever-stronger fencing and thinking up ways to frighten deer away from your plants. it makes sense to start using deer-resistant plants instead. The deer won’t find them nearly as attractive and they will naturally leave them alone, which is surely what you want in the first place.

The article in Gardener to Farmer, entitled, Giveaway: 50 Beautiful Deer-Resistant Plants – Timber Press Talks, largely promotes a book by Ruth Rogers Clausen about how to grow deer-resistant plants. The book is aimed at homeowners on the east coast who want to enjoy a garden of plants that deer won’t destroy. The book not only lists 50 of the best plants to use, but has included them in a way that allows them to mix and grow together well too.

Deer are gentle and beautiful creatures. They conjure up images of Bambi to many, but for millions of others they are simply a garden pest. It is a sad fact that many gardeners do not bother to take the time to understand the “pest” they try to deter. Deer do not deliberately try to be difficult. They simply try to be deer, and they succeed very well at that too. Their habits are well known and easy to understand, so working with them to keep them off your garden property is really the best way for man and deer to coexist in harmony.

This is how we see it at Pest Control Products website:

Instead of erecting high secure fences at considerable cost, why not simply introduce plants that deer either don’t like, or that are resistant to the nibblings of deer. The damage done will be minimal, and you as the gardener will enjoy a lower and safer blood pressure. After all, it is man who has encroached on the habitats of the deer, so it is only right that man makes the changes necessary for a peaceful coexistence.


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