Why Possums Are A Pest If They Live In Your Roof


Possums are lovely creatures to look at from a distance. However, you don’t want them living in your loft.

Possums are actually very noisy creatures. You can hear them pounding around in the roof space as they travel backwards and forwards looking for food. When they fight among themselves, they make an awful squeal which will definitely keep you awake.

Besides that, their toilet behavior has a lot to be desired. They will urinate and leave their droppings all over your loft space and around the edge of your house as they climb in and out while foraging for food. And of course, their excretions not only smell but can transmit some very unpleasant diseases.

The Possum may be a parasite when living in your home but they also carry parasites like fleas and ticks. This means that these fleas and ticks can be transmitted to you, and they can furthermore transmit the disease which they caught from the possum, to you!

In summary, possums:

  • Are noisy
  • Can cause damage to your home
  • Can transmit diseases
  • Can transmit parasites like fleas
  • And their parasites can transmit diseases

What do we feel about possums at Pest Control Products:

We take the same attitude with possums as we do for any wild animal. Wild animals should stay in the wild and pets should stay in the home. Never underestimate the damage a wild possum can do to your home and your health or your pet’s health. If you discover that they have decided to move in with you, then take prompt action and get rid of them quick. A stitch in time saves nine.


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