What Are the Different Types of Rats?

Understanding the behavior differences of the different types of rats will help you fine-tune your rat trapping skills. Knowing behaviors…

September 12, 2020

Ten Facts about Rats Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Interesting facts about rats. Read this before you start laying bait and traps. It will help you to be more…

September 12, 2020

Ten Essential Rat Control Tips

Here are 10 quick tips on rat control. Some are obvious, others are often not considered. If you follow these…

September 12, 2020

Just How Destructive Are Rats?

Rats are very destructive. They will cause a lot of damage to your home and belongings. They are not toilet…

September 12, 2020

Does the Law Allow You to Kill Rats?

In many countries & states, it's legal to kill rats. However different rules apply to the methods you can use.…

September 12, 2020
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