Is It Possible to Get Rid Of Mice Naturally?


Getting Rid Of Mice Naturally, In A Nutshell:

The best approach to use for getting rid of mice naturally is to eliminate all incentives and opportunities.

  • Block all holes entering your property.
  • Remove all food and water sources.
  • Deter mice by using cotton wool soaked in peppermint oil.
Use Natural Predators

It certainly is possible to get rid of mice naturally from your home. It may take a bit longer than if you use mouse zappers, but there’s no reason why it cannot be done effectively to leave you with a mouse-free home, and no gruesome dead mice lying in traps. They do have some natural predators like cats and snakes, however I don’t recommend trying to train a snake to catch mice!

You have to understand why you have a mouse infestation in the first place. It is simply because the mice from your yard are attracted into your home by the warmth, and the food supply they find there. Mice will eat whatever they can find, and when you let them find things like pet food, crumbs on the floor, food out of sealed containers and easy to get at, the mice will think they have found an ideal place to settle and raise a family.

Start by putting all foods in sealed containers that mice cannot get at. Do not leave pet food exposed as a food source for the mice. Once you remove all the food sources and water sources, the mice will not consider your home such a good place to live after all. At this point you launch your repellent attack.

Removing food and water sources is not enough. You need to drive them from your home. An electronic rodent repeller which uses ultrasonic sound can be extremely effective (the link takes you to an article which looks at repelling squirrels, but it works the same way with mice because they are both rodents). It is a device that produces an extremely irritating sound that the mouse can hear, but humans and family pets can not. The sound has been likened, from the mouse perspective, to being like a jackhammer constantly clattering away. In most cases it will drive repel mice and drive them from your home.

Peppermint oil is also known to prevent mice from staying in the home. If you soak drops of peppermint on cotton balls, and leave them where the mice are most active, it can be an excellent way to get rid of mice naturally.

As soon as you think the mice have gone from every nook and cranny in your home, it’s time to prevent the mice into your home once again. Prevention is better than cure, as they say, so proofing your home and making sure your house is tightly sealed against the possibility of mouse entry is essential. Go around the outside of the house, starting at the foundations, and look for holes or openings, and seal them up.

Use steel wool to fill the larger gaps, and then use a sealant of some kind to leave no gap whatsoever. Do this from the bottom right up to the top of your house, sealing every inch. Mice can crawl though the tiniest of gaps, so make sure none exist.

Stay vigilant. Wild mice from your yard will always be looking for an entry point into your home. Do regular checks both outside and inside, and if you are aware of any house mice, go through the steps above once again. It certainly is possible to get rid of mice naturally from your home, and keep them out too. Alternatively, here are other methods on how to get rid of mice.


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  • Hi mark we have had an infestation in our house we have used baited traps and have killed 4 so far, we have dogs so I do not wish to use poison .we have found mouse droppings in rooms which have no obvious openings to the outside during the recent hot weather we did leave doors open to the outside could the mice have made their way into the house without us noticing and why do we have so many and not just the odd one.

    • Hi Kevan - yes if you leave the door open they will come in without you noticing. Have you tried using a “blacklight” to identify the mouse runways, or get a camera trap to see where they are moving to and from. The reason why you have so many is because they breed very fast. In the meantime keep putting the traps down.

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