Nativescaping: Pest Control Through Nature Herself

Picture by GregTheBusker: Merriam’s chipmunk, from Wikimedia Commons

For most people, unfortunately, the term pest control means using traps or some kind of poison-laden chemical to eliminate something that they find objectionable.

Rarely do people stop to wonder if their actions will have repercussions further along. They usually just do what the big company adverts tell them to do. The result can often be a garden where robins no longer sing, for the insecticide and pesticide sprays have killed off their natural food and left them starving.

The article on Altadenablog, entitled, “Nativescaping” and using nature for pest control, outlines what happens when man encroaches on nature, and then tries to eliminate the bits he find less tasteful. The result is often that the people who gaily spray insecticide and pesticide on their lawns, trees, bushes and flowers, then wonder why robins don’t sing in their garden; why bees don’t alight on their flowers; and why there are no butterflies, dragonflies, praying mantis, or small bats.

The article goes on to outline how living with nature and letting nature rule naturally actually works best for everyone. The insects that robins and other small birds like to eat are there for them, and they will cheerfully sing anytime in the garden for their supper, for they will know where their supper is. Butterflies and dragonflies will flit to and fro as well, for the creatures further down the food chain they depend on have not been wiped out senselessly with poisoned sprays.

This what we have to say about it at Pest Control Products:

When a garden has the right balance of pests and pest predators, it is in harmony with nature. Yes, there may be some damage done by grasshoppers, cutworms, slugs and others, but it is likely to be minimal and largely acceptable.

Nativescaping is also a much cheaper way to control a garden than constantly buying in gallons of poison. Needless to say, it’s a lot safer for everyone, and that included humans too.


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