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I put down two traps. Set with cheese. The Traps disappeared! There is no one near where I set them. In a furnace room. There is no way anyone picked them up. Is it possible for a mouse to run off with the trap per say attached to their tail…?


Yes. Dr. Bobby Corrigan, a PhD level expert in rodent behavior, has even made a formal study of the issue. In his studies of rodent behavior, he has found that about 30% of traps disappear, presumably because mice (or larger animals) get a non-essential body part trapped in them and carry them off.

However, mice are far more likely to get their whiskers caught in a trap than their tails. That is because mice will approach a new object cautiously, trying to feel it first, before stepping into or onto it.

Some mice are “trap avoiders,” while other mice are “trap happy.” All mice tend to be trap avoiders when traps are first put out, because mice prefer to jump over objects they have not seen before.

This property of mouse behavior gives you a second chance to catch the mouse. Simply put down a glue trap on one side of the snap trap, preferably the side of the trap away from a door or window through which mice enter the room. Then be sure to check the trap daily for captures. The scent of an older mouse caught in either the snap trap or the glue trap will repel younger mice, who will then avoid both traps altogether.

Or use a multiple-capture mouse trap. These are traps designed to capture more than one (in some cases, up to 30) mice in a single trap.


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  • My glue traps disappeared. Could the mouse be caught on it.
    If it's dead will my house smell?

    • If your glue trap is missing, it’s not because the mouse is trapped on it so I wouldn’t worry about it.

  • We have a rodent infestation in the backyard. We caught 4 rats in 4-5 hours, with glue traps. We set new glue traps and they were all gone this morning, except one: the trap "left" behind had lots of poop and the plastic had been eaten in several places. We also found a skunk luring in the backyard, last night. Is it possible that the skunk ate the trapped rats? (and took the tramps)?
    There are more rats for sure, I just saw them happily walking in our backyard...

    • Yes it is definitely possible that the skunk ate the trapped rats. If you are still seeing rats, put more traps down. Also invest in a rat camera trap and see what is happening on video.

  • I was losing traps as well and found my cat was walking around with the trap and dead mouse. She has no doubt hidden a few corpses.

  • If. A mice small was stuck to a glue trap all day and didn't get to it in time and its now gone but glue tap isn't its only moved will mice come back or will it die

  • We set a glue trap under the fridge and it is now missing. We looked everywhere and cannot locate it. How can we find it? Thanks!

    • Don't know but place another glue trap under the fridge, buy a "camera trap" film what happens to it.

  • we have recently found out we have a mouse in the house! It is driving me crazy! We tried the traps where they step in with the bait and it closes the door so we don't have to see it.... but found out it must know what that is. So I bought some glue traps, set out lastnight and got up this morning to the trap gone... found it under the microwave but no mouse on it... how is that so? What's some helpful tips? I'm fixing to burn the house down! Lol HELP!

    • Hi Erica,

      Be patient and persevere. Use more traps and different types of traps. If a glue trap is too hot or cold, it can lose its effectiveness. Get a "camera trap" and film your protagonist.


  • I laid two snap traps down.one is just missing.ive looked everywhere for it and can't find it.it was actually right out in the open under my table.no walls or obstructions around it.if one is caught is there a possibility that it will go up stairs?or will it just run around until the trap falls off?

    • Patrick,

      I find it unlikely that a mouse can climb stairs with a snap trap clung to its leg. It has more likely nudged the trap away from its "mouse run" and it is hidden somewhere. If this keeps happening, get a "rodent camera trap" and watch what exactly what it is doing.


  • Hello the other night a small house mouse got very stuck in a glue trap. It took awhile to die unfortunately. The next day it was still there I had to wait till I came home from work to remove the now dead mouse and trap . On arriving home my oldest son and I observed both of the dead mouse and the trap are no longer in the area were left. What happened?

  • Last night I heard a mouse get stuck in a trap under my bed. Then come back at morning and it’s no longer there. What should I do??

  • I set a mouse trap and caught a small mole looks like. I discarded the trap and mole and set another one. This time I switched to a new Snap E type trap as they are much easier to set for me. Nothing for awhile and I thought it was no good them caught a small mouse. I set another one but nothing. I thought I heard a noise and saw the mouse trap was moved aside opening up the path again with the trap still set. This freaks me out as nobody else lives here and what the heck did that? Its set out of my path and nothing touches it. So I moved it back facing and touching the wall. Withing a half hour I thought I hear a small noise there and looked and it was moved again but I saw nothing and the trap is still set and baited ( peanut butter ). So I moved it back and set something behind it so it cannot be moved away from the wall very easily. Now I wait. Am a bit scared as never went against anything like this before.

    • Hi Robert

      Rats and mice are very clever. They must have seen the rodent caught in your previous trap and now know this is a danger. It is very common for rodents to move traps. Try putting a sticky trap either side.


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