Raccoons Relieving Themselves On The Garage Roof



Racoons are pooping on our garage roof, we have a bi-level home. How can you get rid of them ?????


My friend was having this problem at his second floor flat about a month ago. He reports good luck with a very simple measure, feeding the outdoors cat during the day and taking the food bowl indoors at night. Once he noticed that raccoons were coming in from the city park to dine on cat food, all that was necessary to stop them from dropping their scat on his balcony was to deprive them of their food source. It also helps to keep trash can lids tightly closed, or to use a dumpster at least 100 feet (30 meters) from your dwelling. Depriving them of food, so they leave voluntarily is much, much easier than trying to forcefully get rid of raccoons.


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