Squirrels Destroying Decking



HELP!!!   Squirrels are gnawing my new deck and destroying it.  Trapping is not working.  Tried the repellant spray. I do not feel that is very effective, also not a good long term solution.  The squirrels did not start their gnawing until we painted the deck (teak colored stain- very dark).   I need help OUTSIDE, not the attic.  We do not have an electrical outlet in the back outside.


Squirrels that like to feed on teak stain are ruining your new deck? If the brand of stain you used contains pressed nut oil or linseed oil, you might have a very serious problem. And I am sorry to tell you that when squirrels start gnawing on wood, it’s usually because they are females about to give birth!

Here’s what you can do:

  • Purchase a squirrel deterrent, such as a pepper spray. Apply liberally to your deck.
  • Put out other items that the squirrel can chew, such as canine chew toys, or even soup bones and deer antlers – those cute little squirrels are not vegetarians.
  • Remove any food source from your deck, especially bird feeders. Move them as far away from your deck as possible.
  • On any part of your deck not exposed to wind, rain, and snow, place several mothballs that you have wrapped in wire mesh. Their odor will repel squirrels. You will need to replace them about twice a week to maintain their effectiveness.
  • Buy a motion detector that makes a noise when a squirrel walks on your deck. It’s best if the motion detector makes a noise that can be heard by squirrels and not by people.

And next time, consider an acrylic finish for your deck – although mother squirrels will sometimes gnaw on acrylic, too.


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